6 Times B'wood gave us perfect date ideas


Our idea of love, falling in love and staying in that feeling, everything has been a lot inspired from Bollywood. Hence, more often than not, we find ourselves day dreaming of the perfect romantic moments as shown in the movies. These moments allow us to hope, to believe in something beautiful as they transfer us to a world, where we hope to find our Raj or Sid who’d romance with us in the mustard fields or make 2 cup of chai.
As we talk about love in cinema, a major part of it to become magical and etched in our lives, is because of the romantic date scenes. Right from Sid and Aisha stargazing the Mumbai night sky, to Bunny and Naina engrossed in a contradictory yet a philosophical conversation about life and love, let’s revisit some endearing moments from Bollywood movies which gave us the perfect date ideas!
‘2 cup chai party’ – Sid and Aisha from ‘Wake Up Sid’

Making a layered cake with bread loafs, loaded with jam in ten minutes and stargazing the city skylines inspires us to embrace the simple pleasures in life. Aisha and Sid touched our hearts in these moments. After all when Sid says, “Yeh bhi toh party hain…tum, main our doh cup chai”, that’s when we know, the love is real.
Prom Night – Kizie and Manny from ‘Dil Bechara’

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Kizie and Manny’s dance under the dreamy fairly lights is no less than a magical treat for hopeless romantics like us. The scene perfectly decorated with the song ‘Taare Ginn’ is one endearing moment etched in our lives forever.

Cycle-lunch dates – Kabir and Farah from ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’

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Kabir and Farah’s spontaneous conversations in their city outing over lunch and in a cycle race is a fresh take on modern dates. Both get to know each other in that short day-out which becomes memorable is also the perfect spark needed to fuel a strong and a potential relationship.

Deep conversations – Bunny and Naina from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’

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When exploring Udaipur, Bunny and Naina engage in a comforting conversation of contradictions where both talk about the best things they have experienced in life. That’s where Bunny realises, Naina might not be right, but is different than him concerning those thoughts. Both learn to respect each other’s individuality as they learn to accept each other and soon fall in love!

90’s filmy date – Om and Shanti from Om Shaanti Om

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Right from bringing alive the old world cinematic nostalgia to romancing under the studio moonlight, Om’s perfectly planned date for Shanti was a treat for every Bollywood lover. The entire outing of the two characters became even more memorable with the song ‘Mai Agar Kahoon’. With the fan going and blowing back the Shanti’s hair to both enjoying a ride in a vintage car, King Khan always knows how to make a moment noteworthy.

Exploring a different ‘kursi’ – Kaira and Rumi from Dear Zindagi

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Kaira meeting Rumi in his safe haven is also a perfect idea of cozy and comforting date. Most of us could relate with Kaira as she puts herself out there to meet a different personality hoping to click with this ‘Kursi’.

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