Aftab: Fatherhood has come naturally to me


A parent is born with the birth of a child. And Aftab Shivdasani couldn’t agree more. The actor, who became a father to a baby girl a few months ago, says that every day has been a learning experience since. Talking to BT about his baby steps as a dad, he says, “Nevaeh turned seven-months-old a few days ago; she’s growing really fast. Each day brings something new for both Nin (Dusanj, wife) and me. Be it changing her diapers, bathing her or preparing her food, I do everything along with Nin. Fatherhood has come quite naturally to me.”

Aftab has already started seeing shades of himself and Nin in the little one. “She has inherited my lopsided smile and it’s quite amusing to see that on her. I don’t know anyone else who smiles like that. She also resembles Nin from some angles. She is a mix of us, but I am sure she will grow to be her own

beautiful person,” shares the doting dad.

The actor’s favourite pastime is to play with his daughter. He says, “I love every moment I spend with her in her little play area at home. She brings out the child in me when I am with her. But the most incredible feeling is when she sleeps on me, it cannot be described in words.”

Aftab is missing his family as they are in the UK, while he is shooting for a project in Mauritius. “It’s hard to be away from them, but Nin is an incredible mother, and she holds the fort just perfectly in my absence,” he signs off.

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