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From Twitter deleting Kangana Ranaut’s tweets to Rakesh Roshan opening up about his cancer battle and more, here are the top headlines of the day in our daily segment Bolly Buzz- your daily dose of news and gossip.
Rihanna’s recent tweet on farmers’ protest has sealed her spot on social media trends for two days now alongside the trolls who interpreted celebs’ posts in many different ways including Suniel Shetty for his “basis” opinion. To this Shetty exclusively told ETimes, “I am supporting the farmers. I’m supporting the government and supporting India. My statement was very very clear to all the celebrities from outside of India defaming us, and giving the wrong picture about what’s happening in our country.”
On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut made a fresh attack against Taapsee Pannu, for her cryptic tweet about being a ‘propaganda teacher’. The ‘Queen’ actress wrote back to Pannu, “B grade logon ki B grade thinking, one should stand up for one’s faith motherland and family, yehi Karm hai yehi Dharm bhi hai …. free fund ka sirf khane wale mat bano… iss desh ka bojh… that’s why I call them B grade … ignore them free loaders…”
Meanwhile, Twitter recently removed a few of Kangana posts and said that it was in violation of their rules. “We have taken action on Tweets that were in violation of the Twitter Rules in line with our range of enforcement options,” shared Twitter Spokesperson on tweets posted by Kangana Ranaut. Her old tweets are currently “no longer available” on her handle.

On World Cancer Day, Rakesh Roshan opened up about his fight with the deadly disease and how it changed him. Roshan shared with ETimes exclusively, “I knew I had cancer even before I went to test for it.” It all began towards the end of 2018 when he detected a blister under his tongue that remained as it was despite medication. “It was not giving me any trouble–no pain, no burn, nothing. I don’t know why but I had a gut feeling that such an obstinate blister could only be cancer.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas who got engaged on July 20, 2018, marked their first engagement anniversary by getting identical tattoos. While PeeCee has hers behind each ear, Nick has the same design on his arm. Dishing out the details Priyanka revealed that she completed Nick’s checklist when she agreed to marry him, hence they both got tick marks on one side and a box on the other.

Script: Karen Pereira

Voice over: Shirley Thachil

Edited: Yogesh Jaiswar

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