Bosco Martis: Abhishek has a natural swag


Abhishek Bachchan may not be as widely known for his dancing skills, but the actor is popular for his natural, unadulterated swag, which fewer filmmakers and choreographers have tapped into. Bosco Martis and his choreographer-partner Ceaser Gonsalves were among the first to bring that to the fore. On Abhishek’s 45th birthday, Bosco recalled the time when Ceaser and he were directing the moves for Abhishek’s songs in Bluffmaster and Dus.

“We first choreographed him in Shararat, which was also our first project. But Rind Posh Maal with Hrithik Roshan from Mission Kashmir came out before that. The thing is, we realised, we had made him dance without understanding how his body moves. When we got down to working on Bluffmaster and then on Dus, we had a blast. We figured he has this in-built swag, which few are blessed with. We just had to keep the moves such that his swag could be on full display. Dus Bahane was and is my favourite Abhishek Bachchan track from the ones we have choreographed. Except Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hai, we had choreographed all the songs for Bluffmaster, which are all close to my heart. Farah Khan had choreographed the special song and we ended up getting the credit for it. Abhishek has a certain vibe. It’s his genuine, natural swag which one must tap into. It’s his comfort zone. Dus bahane (Dus) rocked because he was completely at ease doing what we made him do,” says Bosco, whose first film as a director recently went on floors.

Talking about Abhishek’s best on-screen performance, Bosco says, “Guru, without a doubt, is his best. I once again watched it during the lockdown and texted him exactly what I just said. I’ve seen how comfortably AB cracks comedy. He’s good at it. But the restraint he showed in Guru was outstanding.”

Talking about how Abhishek has always been very supportive of Ceaser and him, Bosco says, “Abhishek has always watched over us, like a brother. I had COVID19. When I was home, he was persistently checking on my health status and ensuring that I was well-looked after. He’s like a brother, someone I will turn to for advice and support at every juncture. It doesn’t matter if we have not worked together in a while now. The way he, Ceaser and I connected is beyond the realms of our work. We always pick up conversations from where we left off last.”

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