BTS, ARMY celebrate SUGA's 28th b'day


K-Pop star and BTS band member, SUGA turned 28 today and the party started off at midnight with the boys and ARMY coming together to wish him love and happiness for the year ahead.
Jin was the first member to take over the official BTS Twitter account to share some pictures of SUGA, whom he calls “Yoongi” (after his real name Min Yoon-gi). “Yoongi-ya, I’m the first one who wished you on your bday. Happy birthday” read his translated message. Jin’s handwritten note on the picture itself read, “Yoongi Happy bday,” which started off a trend on social media with ARMY tweeting in #HappyYoongiDay.
RM also joined in and wished SUGA with a picture and a note that read, “Yeah our Yoongi Happy birthday to you ~~ #SugaBirthdayCongrats.”
The official BTS handles also released a set of photos of videos to mark the special day. While one handle tweeted a video of J-Hope singing a lyric from SUGA’s ‘So Far Away’, another saw the boys together in matching pink ensembles. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGA. A man named Sugar is the most special to ARMY,” read the tweet translated from Korean.

While this sure got the excitement going, ARMY has another reason to keep the hype and adrenaline pumping all week long. BTS is set to perform at a Recording Academy event and has also been added to the list of performers set to take the stage at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (March 14) for their first-ever performance at the show.

BTS is up for their first Grammy Award. Tipped to be the clear favourites, the band will create history and become the first South-Korean band to win a Grammy Award. The boys are nominated for their hit summer track ‘Dynamite’, which also happened to be their first English song.

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