Diljit and Kangana’s Twitter war reignites


International singer Rihana recently shared a tweet in support of the farmers’ protest, wherein she wrote “Why aren’t we talking about this?”. Her tweet started getting viral on social media and was supported by a number of netizens and Punjabi stars. While many retweet her post, Diljit Dosanjh showed his support in a musical way and released a song title ‘RiRi Rihana’ in praise of the artist.
However, it seems his song didn’t go down well with Kangana Ranaut. Thus, replying to Diljit Dosanjh on the tweet where he announced the song, she wrote “Isko bhi apne 2 rupees banane hain, yeh sab kabse plan ho raha hai ?One month toh minimum lagega to prep for video and announcement, and libru want us to believe it’s all organic ha ha #Indiatogether #IndiaAgainstPropoganda”

Diljit also replied to her tweet and wrote that she has 2 rupees job not him. He added that the song was done in half an hour, he can even make a song on Kangana in just 2 mins, but he doesn’t feel like doing it.

This didn’t just stop here, Kangana replied her only job is ‘desh bakhti’.

Diljit Dosanjh then commented that Kangana’s tweets are making no sense.

And the war of word went on in the following tweets:

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