EXCLUSIVE: Dua Lipa on her Grammy win


Dua Lipa is “over the moon” with her 2021 Grammy win for the Best Pop Vocal Album, ‘Future Nostalgia’.
The pop icon who debuted five years ago and has won multiple awards, including many Grammy nominations and awards, is excited about her latest win earlier today.
“I am over the moon and I’m feeling very proud,” she says adding, “This is just so amazing. It is an album that I’m so proud of. It’s great to be recognised in front of my peers, to be in front of artistes that I love and admire. It is a massive dream come true and I cannot believe it honestly. There were also so many incredible women that were nominated and awarded tonight that I felt so lucky to be a part of it. This album has helped me grow so much, it has given me so much confidence. It has shown me how I can be the performer I always wanted to be. I am so grateful and it is absolutely amazing I am absolutely honoured.”

This is not her first Grammy win and talking about what was different this time, Dua Lipa says, “Well it’s different obviously in the way that it is set up. There is no big crowd of people and you don’t have the same kind of energy when you’re performing. But still it’s just as amazing. Nothing kind of beats the feeling of going to the Grammys. And it is such an honour to be here and I’m so very grateful.”

With her medley of songs in the live performance on the Grammy stage, Dua said she ended up with three costume changes! And talking about the infectious energy of her act she says, “Honestly, I haven’t recovered from the energy of that stage performance. We can keep it going, let’s keep dancing…”

The English singer-songwriter is a thorough performer too and talking about going back to live stage performances she says, “Oh my God I can’t wait! I’m dying for that human connection. I love performing. I love touring and I love being on stage. And I am just so excited to get the show back on the road.”

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