Fitness Fashion! Rakul steams up the cyberspace


Rakul Preet Singh is arguably one among the fittest actors of contemporary Indian cinema. Known to be a gym fanatic, her daily workout routine usually oscillates between cardio exercise, yoga and weight training. Despite busy with films, photo-shoots and endorsements, the Punjabi beauty never misses out on her workout sessions and that’s the reason behind her toned figure and washboard abs. Popular for her athleisure fashion, Rakul prefers to wear sports bras for exercises as they deliver the much-needed comfort, support and style.


02/7Joins hands with Upasana and promotes Yoga on the latter’s wellness platform

After Samantha and Rashmika Mandanna, Rakul Preet Singh is the latest celebrity to collaborate with Upasana Kamineni for the latter’s wellness platform. Through her latest photo-shoot, the 30-year-old actress can be seen promoting yoga saying that the ancient practice can boost immunity and keep away diseases and any kind of inflammation. In the above posture, she can be seen acing the Garudasana aka Eagle Pose to perfection.


03/7Rakul Preet Singh exudes glamour in her workout wear and it’s hard to ignore

For the intense yoga photo-shoot, Rakul slipped into a black sports bra and a pair of leggings. She amped up her athleisure look by pulling back her hair into a ponytail and opted for minimum makeup. In the above posture, the pan-Indian bombshell can be seen lying on the grass and practicing the Chakrasana aka backbend. Nailing the complex asana, she flexed her million dollar expression for the cameras.


04/7Adds a complex twist to Ardha Halasana aka half plough pose

Commenting on Rakul’s drop-dead gorgeous postures, Upasana wrote that the Punjabi beauty has inspired her to work out regularly since their association on the sets of ‘Bruce Lee’ (2015). She wrote “@rakulpreet from the sets of Bruce Lee till date – ur determination never Fails to impress. Thank u for Inspiring me to workout everyday- even if it’s 3am ” A couple of years into marriage, Upasana underwent an impressive physical transformation and lost all the excess weight from her body.


05/7Fitness freak Rakul is a serious boss lady in the gym

In 2016, the blue-belt holder in Karate joined the list of actresses-turned-entrepreneurs by kicking-off an active franchise of three functional training gyms in the Telugu states; two in Hyderabad and one in Visakhapatnam. She also purchased a plush apartment at a posh location in the city. After turning into a vegan in 2020, Rakul said “I personally have been feeling way lighter ever since I turned vegan. I just feel that my energy levels are to the optimum, I didn’t know that shift till the time I converted into a vegan. But I think it’s great! It’s easily digestible in the body, it’s not hard on your gut so there are many benefits and I’ll just say that try it out for yourself, test it out for yourself guys.”


06/7Rakul nails the Utkatasana, Parsva Urdhva Hastasana and Virabhadrasana

After the lockdown, Rakul kicked-off her post-quarantine work in September with Krish Jagarlamudi’s untitled project and shot for close to 40 days in the hinterlands of Telangana. For the first time in her career, she is going de-glam for the village belle role who is a shepherd. Besides a couple of South films like Check and Indian 2, she is playing a co-pilot alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn in ‘Mayday’, starring in John Abraham’s ‘Attack’ and romancing Sidharth Malhotra in ‘Thank God.’ She is also romancing Arjun Kapoor in the cross-border love story titled as ‘Sardar & Grandson’.


07/7Gorgeous gal aces the Cat Tail Pose in Yin Yoga

Rakul Preet Singh is a hot favourite among the shutterbugs and netizens.


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