Megan-Cardi B turn up the heat at Grammys


Megan Thee Stallion turned up the heat at the Grammy Awards with her ‘sassy, bougie, ratchet’ performance to ‘Savage’ that was only topped with Cardi B joining her for their first LIVE performance of ‘WAP’.
The ladies spiced up the awards’ night with their jaw-dropping performance of the R-rated track that has been reigning over music charts since it dropped in 2020. Host Trevor Noah hilariously advised adults to tell their kids that the song ‘WAP’ was about “giving a cat a bath.”
The 5-minute performance was unlike anything the show has ever witnessed in the past, had viewers sweating within no time. Clearly blown away by Megan and Cardi’s gig, fans flooded social media to rave about the performance and sing praise of the two ladies.
See some of the best reactions that came in on Twitter:

Megan has been on a winning streak at the Grammys. She not only won for Best Rap Performance, but also took home the Grammy for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song.

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