Nick on Priyanka Chopra's early crushes


Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra had her husband, Nick Jonas join her for a virtual chat to promote her new book. While the actress has been hitting headlines for sharing shocking details of her early days in the film industry, plastic surgery rumours and more, today, she got talking about matters of the heart with her man.
Without wasting any time, Nick went straight to PeeCee’s ‘early dating life’. Knowing all that he knows about his wifey’s past romances, he had a little fun teasing her. “To be real, your early dating life and your high school crushes and all… we’ve spoken about it, but it’s funny to read it,” he said.
While Priyanka struggled to hold back a blush creeping on her face, Nick continued, “ I mean it was fun just to imagine you as a high schooler was really something that was fun for me to read.”
As the couple turned the promotional activity into a date night of sorts, Nick also played the doting husband and expressed just how much he missed having his wife by his side. He even promised to head to London soon to be with her.

The tête-à-tête wasn’t all about Priyanka’s latest venture. The actress gave all Jonas Brothers fans some exciting news when she revealed that her husband has secretly been working on his next album.

Priyanka said, “I loved the ‘Happiness Begins’ tour last year. Mom and I were just talking about it yesterday while listening to your (whispers) ‘new album’.”

Priyanka is currently in the UK, filming her next project. Nick, on the other hand, is in the US fulfilling his work commitments.

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