Pogaru Movie Review: 3/5


Plot: Shiva, a ruffian, is the terror of his area in many ways, but still has a heart of gold. He has just one wish, for his mother to love him wholly like the way he does.

Review: Pogaru releases with a lot of expectations as the first big release after the onset of the pandemic. It also marks the return of Dhruva Sarja on the big screen after four years. The film entertains in the way one expects a Dhruva Sarja film to. But does it stand way taller than the rest? Not so much.

The film begins on a simple premise. Shiva, a young boy who loses his father, yearns for his mother’s love. There is miscommunication between mother and son, which leads to Shiva growing up to be a ruffian who lives life on his own terms without worrying about people around him. There’s a dash of romance, bromance, sister sentiment and action, but the one constant throughout is Dhruva. The actor stays on screen for almost all the runtime.

What’s appealing about the film is Dhruva. The actor is made for the camera. He’s good when he dances, does comedy, fights or gets emotional. And there’s a bonus in this film with a childhood flashback episode that shows the actor in a physical transformation as a teenager that deserves a lot of applause. And, of course, he takes on four international body builders in the climax that’s equally thrilling.

As for the story of Pogaru, there’s just a thin line that seems to be stretched into a full-fledged narrative that nearly clocks three hours. More than the story, it is the dialogues that entertain. The visuals are good too. Though, one cannot help but think in such woke times does one need the endorsement of such misogynistic love and emotions.

Pogaru is definitely a festival for Dhruva Sarja fans, and for those who like mass entertainers in the old-school style. This will be a good visit to the big screen giving you ample space to scream and shout.

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