Rani Mukherji: Not easy to be an actress


Ahead of her birthday on Sunday, Rani Mukerji interacted with fans on Instagram through a social media live session. Answering all sorts of questions, the actress spilled the beans on what she did during Covid and revealed that she was taking care of her five year old daughter Adira, who had just started school when the lockdown was imposed. Also, when a netizen asked Rani Mukerji about venturing into films, the ‘Saathiya’ actress gave a detailed reply no how it is a tough task being an actress in Bollywood.

“Being an actress in the film industry is not easy, it is a very difficult profession to be as it comes with a lot of expectations from the audience once you become an established star. Also you should be able to work in different conditions. Ofcourse onscreen it looks very glamorous, easy, nice and serene, especially the locations where we shoot but it is very hard to work in this industry. So if you really love the craft of acting then you must be here, not for any other reason. Success, name, fame come when the audience loves you, so work sincerely so that you gain fans for life,” preached Rani.

When fans asked Rani to join Instagram, the actress didn’t seem keen to venture into social media but shared shares that she was happy connecting with them through these live sessions. Rani Mukerji also promised fans that she will make a big movie announcement on her birthday tomorrow.

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