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Singer Neeti Mohan, who announced her pregnancy in February, seems to be enjoying every bit of this new chapter in her life. The soon-to-be-mommy keeps posts heart-warming posts on her social media account. From her pregnancy workout videos in which she flaunts her baby bump, it is evident that Neeti is thoroughly enjoying this phase of her life. Not only is she eating and working out, but the singer is also keeping up with the deadlines.

ETimes got in touch with her to find out how pregnancy is treating her and how she’s managing work and a fitness regime simultaneously. Excerpts:

How are you managing working during pregnancy? Are you taking any precautions?
Initially, I thought it might be difficult to work during pregnancy, but it’s not. I’m working from home; it’s a fulfilling experience. We have a home studio where I can record my vocals and send them out, which gives me flexibility. I’m also excited as my baby can hear what her mumma is singing. It’s a special feeling. And it will be a great memory for me in the future too. When the song comes out, I can always say I was pregnant at that time. It’s a privilege of motherhood.

Is there any particular diet or workout regime that you are following?

As soon as I realised that I was expecting, I wanted to be healthy. I follow my doctors’ advice and do yoga, chanting, and walk a lot. I do pilates too. I work and do my recordings too. If you are feeling good, you can do anything and everything. My doctor said that I could resume my normal life, so I am doing everything but with caution.

Do you have cravings or morning sickness?

No craving, no nausea, no morning sickness, touchwood. Everyone is amazed, especially my mom. She is so happy that for the first three months when people feel nausea and morning sickness and are unable to eat, I don’t. I crave healthy food; even when I wasn’t pregnant, I used to eat healthy–a lot of green vegetables. Nothing has changed for me; the only thing is that I feel very hungry these days.

How excited are your sisters Shakti and Mukti Mohan to welcome a mini-you?

My sisters are excited and can’t wait to meet my mini version. They keep on saying that they will be standing at the doorstep of the hospital. They are pampering me so much, and we have planned a lot–from baby names to shopping. We are all very excited for the little one to arrive.

Are you scared while going to hospital visits and check-ups since you will be giving birth amidst the pandemic?

Like everyone else, the doctor has told me to follow social distancing, and I’m mostly at home. The only place I go is to my parents’ house. I’m taking each day as it comes. The times are challenging, and this is what we will remember. We need to respect front-line workers. I am not taking anything that requires me to go out for a shoot. I choose my songs carefully and don’t go overboard.

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