Soobin reveals TXT team never fought


TXT boys are always there for each other and their recent interview gives an insight about the intense conversations they have. When a news portal asked them about their team meetings and what goes into their deep talks, Soobin revealed that he usually has conversations with his roommate Beomgyu, while with Taehyun, he engages in talks while walking around the neighborhood. Soobin also added that Yeonjun hyung and Hueningkai would suddenly ask him to have a conversation.

Soobin also added that the subject of their worries is often different but they usually discuss about their team and give each other feedback. The popular musician revealed that while they never fought before their debut, but post it, they learned that keeping it inside is not always a good idea. The popular musician stressed on the importance of having conversations and that he believes TXT is in the process of understanding and figuring each other out.

When Yeonjun was asked about his deep conversations with the band members, he said that being the oldest, he doesn’t want to burden his dongsaengs with his concerns. Beomgyu revealed that he also tends to keep his worries to himself, while Taehyun expressed that he is pretty vocal when it comes to band with his members about his worries. Hueningkai shared that he isn’t very good at sharing his feelings and hence he usually doesn’t have deep conversations.

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