SSR's sister: Can't express the wonder he was


Family, friends and fans of Sushant Singh Rajput are paying tribute to the late actor on his birth anniversary. They have been sharing rare and unseen photos of the star with a heartfelt note. Recently, his sister Meetu Singh got emotional as she shared an unseen photo of the ‘Kedarnath’ actor.
In this picture, we can see Sushant and Meetu posing for a goofy selfie. Sharing the picture, she wrote, ”Today is a strange day. I remember the happy, high-spirited boy whose expectant eyes always chased away any negativity that dared to creep into the house on his special day. Today is strange indeed because suddenly that boy is gone. The heavy emptiness that weighs on me everyday leaves behind this shattering pain which cannot be expressed in words. It’s hard to express in words the wonder you were, but I’ll try. I remember the eagerness in your eyes, the excitement and your laugh. God, you were the sun itself, always radiating happiness, joy and knowledge wherever you went. It feels like yesterday when you were with me. I remember you for you, Gulshan. The beautiful boy, who could never have enough of knowledge you always wanted more, the guy who always looked forward to play any game, eager for a match, the person who was the pride of his family.”
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She further wrote, ”Today is your day, the day you were born. The day this world heard your voice for the very first time. Now, your voice is immortal. Generations of people will know about you. Your work will sing through their lives. People tend to stomp on greatness when they see it in a foolish attempt to suppress it. It’s odd how they think they can do so, a flower is born to bloom, greatness exists to be expressed. We will continue to keep this greatness within ourselves, remembering you. Your fans are like family, they have never left our side since day one. For the first time I have witnessed such deep-rooted loyalty in flesh. Many people have fallen, their followers occasionally remembering them, but for the first time I have seen people strengthen each other, rise from dust and be together for such a long period of time over just a person. I do not believe its drama, I do not believe it’s futile. I believe its beautiful, its heart-warming, precious and pure to see such love and admiration for someone. This is our growth as humanity. There is not one person that can carry the weight of your huge dreams, all of us will, together. This is something that you gave us. Happy Birthday Bhai, this time it was you who gifted not just your family but thousands upon thousands of people with inner strength and love. We will reciprocate.”

His US-based sister Shweta Singh Kirti shared a major throwback photo of Sushant and their mother. ”This smile can melt every heart ❤️ Happy #SushantDay”, she wrote.

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