Taapsee's BF seeks help from Kiren Rijiju


Earlier this week, several Bollywood celebs including Taapsee Pannu face raids by Income Tax officers at their premises. Amid this, the actress’s boyfriend and badminton player, Mathias Boe took to Twitter to seek help from Union Minister Kiren Rijiju as Taapsee’s parents are stress about the situation.

He wrote, “Finding myself in a bit of turmoil. Representing Flag of India for the first time as a coach for some great athletes, meanwhile I-T department is raiding Taapsee’s houses back home, putting unnecessary stress on her family, especially her parents. Man shrugging. @KirenRijiju please do something.”

A while back, the Union Minister tweeted back to Mathias as he asked him to stick to his professional duties and added “Law of the land is supreme and we must abide by that. The subject matter is beyond yours and my domain. We must stick to our professional duties in the best interest of Indian Sports”.

Earlier, the investigating agency had released a statement that read, “During the search, evidence of huge suppression of income by the leading Film Production house compared to the actual box office collections has been unearthed. The company officials have not been able to explain the discrepancy of around Rs. 300 crore. Evidence related to manipulation and under-valuation of share transactions of the production house amongst the film directors and shareholders, having tax implication of about Rs. 350 crore has been found and is being further investigated. Evidence of cash receipts by the leading actress amounting to Rs 5 crore has been recovered. Further investigation is going on.”

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