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Yashaswini Dayama is currently ruling hearts with her notable presence for Mx Player’s first interactive film ‘The Right Click’. The short movie is a tale of two college going students, set against the backdrop of the new normal in 2020 with online lectures and a budding digital college romance. Starring Yashaswini Dayama & Prit Kamani as Dia & Ajay, it allows viewers to decide the progression of the film by giving them a series of incidents and options from a young college boy’s daily life and his journey of getting to know his crush.
In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Yashaswini opens up about her ongoing show, and her opinion on dealing with comparisons with other interactive films created in the international realm. She also talks at length about virtual dating, and how relationships have evolved in the pandemic.
Your current show ‘The Right Click’ reflects our lifestyle and as well as relationships. How do you think relationships have evolved in the pandemic ? Do you believe in virtual dating ?
Virtually dating is definitely not as good as face to face dating. But virtual everything has become a thing. I don’t do regular calls anymore. This online dating was thriving before the pandemic. And it became the only way for people to find companionship through this entire last year, because there was no way to meet anybody else.

And that was the only way to talk to somebody. And you have to make do with whatever resources you have. And people came up with some really cute ideas. And we all saw them during the lockdown. It was about time that it would reflect the things into our films and our short stories and everything. Because it’s all about telling honest stories. So I’m really excited for this one.

The pandemic thoroughly tested all of us in whatever way, we were ready to be tested. If your relationship is going strong, then you will find a way to keep it strong. If the relationship was a little weak to begin with, it would have gotten harder through that past year to keep it going.

In the international realm, interactive movies like ‘Bandersnatch’ have already set a benchmark. If at all viewers start comparing, how are you going to deal with this ? How would you be dealing with the pressure of comparison ?

It’s my request to not compare anything to ‘Black Mirror’. That has set the bar too damn high. Nobody’s going to reach them. Just pay attention to the information that we’re giving you. It’s a short film, and India’s first interactive show, and maybe enjoy that for what it is. I’ve learnt to stop looking for all these unnecessary criticisms.

What are the next projects you are working on ?

There are a couple of things. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say or what I will have to say. But 2021 is definitely looking better than 2020.

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