Android 12 may bring double tap gesture for Pixel phones


Android 11 Developer Preview in 2020 had a double tap feature for Pixel phones codenamed ‘Columbus’. The feature was not rolled out with the official release of the OS. However, a new report by 9to5Google suggests that the feature may come with the Android 12 later this year.
The feature is said to replace the ‘Active Edge’ squeeze gesture. The double tap gesture on the rear side of Pixel phone is said to provide easy access to Google Assistant.
The 9to5Google report says that the feature will be customisable internally for other actions like snooze of an alarm or dismiss a timer. It can also be customised to take a screenshot, open the notification shade, control media playback or open up the recent apps menu.
The feature was first spotted in the Developer Preview of Android 11. The gesture was then said to be too sensitive.
The feature’s refined version, the report says, will allow users to adjust their Pixel smartphones to recognise only firm grips. Another improvement that may come to the feature is ability to turn off the double tap altogether.
“The first Android 11 Developer Preview arrived in mid-February last year. If Android 12 follows that same pattern, we could only be a matter of weeks from getting our hands on the Double Tap gesture once more,” said the 9to5Google report.

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