FAU-G creator studio CEO Vishal Gondal gets legal notices


Vishal Gondal, CEO of nCore Games, the developer of mobile action game FAU-G, has received a total of six defamation notices, all from different cities in India, threatening him with civil and criminal action for his tweets about the gambling apps.
The CEO, whose Twitter profile says “Marathoner! Gamer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Sportsman, Fitness Geek, TEDster CEO” about him also attached a copy of a document stating this:
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing- Edmund Burke
Idid something about an evil I saw in front of my eyes. The evil of gambling & wrote about it on Medianama, a reputed site on important laws & policy followed by tweets highlighting these issues to PMO Niti Aayog MPs & ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India)
In response to it and, over a month later, I have received multiple Criminal & Civil Defamation notices http://bit.ly/3pNq01v From individuals across India who seem to have taken offense to my article and tweets highlighting the issues around online gambling being peddled in India under the garb of real money gaming/rummy/fantasy etc. (On a lighter note do read them they are hilarious)
I apprehend that multifarious proceedings may be filed against me in different parts of the country to cause harassment, which I’m prepared to defend, if so required
It goes without saying; I will respond to these frivolous and baseless notices and have full faith in India’s courts.”
There is more, which can be read here.

Gondal has been outspoken against the gambling apps that are being put out in the markets under the gaming category.

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