This is Snapchat’s ‘TikTok plan’


Ever since TikTok got banned in India, we have seen numerous apps pop-up with the service to create short videos with similar editing tools to cater to the lost TikTok audience.
Now, it appears that Snapchat is also set to offer a feature like TikTok Duets offers. This feature allows users to remix other users’ stories.
As per a tweet by tipster Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat is working on a feature that will allow people to share other users’ snaps if they are mentioned to remix and share. Using this, users will be able to not only create snaps where they can sing with another person, but also for comedic dialogues or duet with themselves as well.
The last screenshot also shows that the platform will allow users to choose between different layouts to create their snap.

A similar feature is also present on Instagram in the form of Instagram Remix Reels. Ever since TikTok’s ban, Instagram has been quite aggressive with its Reels features in India.
Now, the Facebook-owned company is working on taking on the recently popular app, Clubhouse, which is an audio-only app currently available for iPhone users only.
This was also claimed by Paluzzi earlier this month that Instagram is soon going to introduce the ability to host voice-based discussions and debates on the app, which is similar to Clubhouse.

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