Xiaomi executive accuses Realme India CEO of ‘lying’


Xiaomi and Realme are the two consumer technology brands that originate from the land of dragons but it seems that the two aren’t done spitting fire on another here in India.
The two companies have a long history of taking jabs at one another — sometimes subtly and other times taking direct pot shots.
The latest iteration is where Xiaomi’s sub-brand director of business, Sneha Tainwala, has asked Realme India’s CEO Madhav Sheth to “avoid making incorrect false claims to mislead consumers.”
Realme has been constantly posting online about its upcoming Realme 8 series launch. In one of these posts, Sheth claimed that Realme was the first to introduce a 64MP camera on a smartphone to the world, where he was giving the reference of its Realme XT smartphone.

Taking a screenshot of Sheth’s tweet, Tainwala pointed out that it was Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8 Pro which was the world’s first phone to feature a 64MP main camera. This device, Tainwala claimed, was launched in August 2019.

To recall, Xiaomi had launched its Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone in its home country China on August 29, 2019. Realme on its part, had officially announced the Realme XT a week prior ( CLICK TO READ MORE) to that in India, when it had launched the Realme 5 smartphone series.
We’ll leave it to the ‘fans’ to take side and decide who gets to take the title of the world’s first 64MP camera smartphone.

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